Never go on vacation, ever.

Aug. 19th, 2017 12:58 am
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This is what happens when you go away for 10 days, your BIL/SIL only manage to check on the garden on the 10th day (both are workaholics and it also rained a fair amount), and it's another 4 days before you, personally, manage to inspect the garden. And this doesn't even count the zillions of tomatoes that spoiled on the vine.

It took another 2 days (during which I had to toss a few more tomatoes that started spoiling on the counter) but this evening my BIL (with Will's help) turned the cucumbers into pickles, and I blanched/froze the broccoli, cooked the beans for dinner, and made a giant pot of spaghetti sauce (still simmering, which is why I'm up so late). The large peppers can be turned into pickled peppers and Will uses the cayennes in his food. Still have the giant bowl of cherry tomatoes, will have to eat those right quick. (We did manage to give away a few tomatoes and cucumbers, but not that many.)

I spent the entire evening in the kitchen, actually, making LOADS of stuff, while Will zoned out )

Of course, the fact that it's now been 2 days since I was last in the garden (well, as of Sat, I mean, which it technically is), this means that produce has had plenty of time to re-spawn, and I can start the process all over again! :P
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I've been craving blue crab on and off all summer...

Anyone want to go with me to a crab shack before the end of the season? I'm sure we can find a place locally.
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Dozen eggs, chicken empanada, corn tamale, donut peaches, yellow-fleshed plums, blueberries, batard of country white bread, bag of mixed greens.


Aug. 14th, 2017 11:04 pm
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We're back! Actually, I've been back for about 40 hours now, but with laundry, errands, unpacking, jet lag and general life, I haven't had much time to sit down to the computer, and when I did, it was mostly mindlessly surfing the 'net. :-P

In general, it was a really good trip. On the Big Island we: saw Kilauea volcano, visited a black sand beach, had some regular beach trips, enjoyed the hotel pool/hot tub, went snorkling, took a glass-bottom boat trip, visited a seahorse farm and Place of Refuge, tried shave ice and had fun wandering through shops and farmer's markets/craft markets. On Oah'u we mostly spent our time at Aulani [luau, character breakfast, more snorkling, beach and pool (which included water slides and lazy river), took a couple of art-and-culture tours of the place], which was marvelous, but we did venture one day to Waikiki (which was largely disappointing, although we did get some inexpensive shirts and other souvenirs there, and enjoyed local ice cream). The whole trip went way too quickly and nobody but Two was ready to come home again.

But we did have some squabbling along the way, largely under circumstances where people tend to be tense - navigating unfamiliar roads, dealing with airports, people being hot and/or tired, or stressed over a new experience, plus some ordinary miscommunications. To me, it wasn't a huge deal (I mean, it was in the moment, because WHY ARE PEOPLE COMPLAINING WHEN WE'RE IN HAWAII? but it didn't color my overall view of the trip) but Two remarked to me that one of the things he was taking away from our vacation was that, in his view, Will and I had fought more than usual. I felt kind of bad about that.

I'll try to find time for more detailed write-ups later, but I at least wanted to pop in here again. There is no way I can catch up on my flist from 2 weeks ago, so ... let me know if I've missed something important in your life?

In the meantime I finished re-reading Stormhaven and also finished reading The Dream Thieves, both on the flights back home.

Dream Thieves )

Anyway, overall I loved this book, and now I don't know what to read. I started Upside of Unrequited before we left for Hawaii, and would love to finish that. I want to read Cassie's Lord of Shadows, which I've also started (on Ch 3 or something like that). And I really want to dive into Blue Lily, Lily Blue to stay immersed in the Raven King universe. THERE AREN'T ENOUGH HOURS IN THE DAY!!!

Shelving! Also, Toshiro Mifune

Aug. 12th, 2017 08:31 pm
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I met [personal profile] greenygal to see Rashomon today, which is one of Kuraoawa's more famous films and a seminal role for Toshiro Mifune. There's a documentary on Mifune on Tuesday night that I might go to.

Walking back to my place, I was bothered by a man who complimented me on my hat and asked where I got it, but then asked if I wanted to make a friend. Given that this indicated he was either trying to pick me up or try to talk to me about Jesus, I told him I was full up on friends and walked away from him faster. Further home, another man tried to get my attention and when I ignored him, called me 'a fat bitch'. I turned around and called him out; his only come-back was 'fat bitch' again.

I'm really tired of men, and it's almost always men, that think a woman being out in public is required to give them the attention they want. It was really annoying because I was obviously walking with someone, but I guess they think that because I was with another woman, that doesn't count.

Anyway, we got both my Kallax units put together, with only a minor mishap. I'll get things moved around tomorrow and during the rest of the week. Hopefully having that much more shelf space will help with the de-cluttering!
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Tiropita, mini-spanakopita, seasonal olive oil lemon cake, bougatsa, pita. I'm meeting [personal profile] fabrisse at the Takoma market tomorrow, so I'll buy fruit then.

I looked at the various wineries and breweries for gift ideas -- my parents' 75th birthdays are next month, and food or alcohol is generally a reliable gift. One of the the brewers pressed when I wouldn't try their samples and just wanted their suggestions based on what their popular items are and my parents tastes (Mom likes Negra Modelo and cafe con leche -- so coffee liqueor made with caramel syrup? maybe?) -- so he got the blunt explanation that all alcohol tastes like cat piss to me -- though next time, I might say 'tastes like soap'; it's similarly inaccurate, but viscerally repulsive to most people so might get my distaste across better. It did make me less inclined to buy his products, that's for sure.

Huh... my sister's 50th birthday is also next month. Maybe I should get her a bottle or two of the fancy vinegar. They had Wild Rose, Wisteria, and Chamomile vinegars today, and while I didn't like the taste of the first, the other two were interesting. Maybe one sweet vinegar and one savory, like Ramp or Heirloom Pepper?

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Aug. 10th, 2017 08:27 pm
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I am learning things I didn't really want to know.  To wit: even a little bit of beer dribbled into a keyboard will fritz it.  Once the perfect keyboard dried out, it was certain that some key was depressed all the time.  We did have a real POS keyboard I could use, but it was really a POS.  Mostly used it to order a new ergonomic keyboard from Amazon. 

Second thing I didn't want to know was that my beloved robe had worn out.  How did I discover that?  By sticking my hand through the fabric.  Once I held the garment up to the light, I'm amazed that it was still in one piece.  Amazon to the rescue.

Third thing was discovering how many websites require that comments be turned on to load properly.  Look, do comics need a comment trail?  Really?  The news sites are toxic, with all the vitriol and stupidity that idjits feel compelled to add.  There is an add-on for Firefox that will hide all of those.  Yay.  Well, not so yay, because what the add-on thinks is a comment sometimes isn't, or the webmaster feels that one must be able to see all the BS.  Mostly, it's a good thing.

Fourth was the shooting pains in my hands after using the weed-eater and the hedge trimmer for too long.  My body wants to be a pampered princess, not a laborer.  Might be time to invest in some gel gloves to cut down the vibration, because there's just too much work that has to get done for me to play the poor me card.  Nope, get to work, you slacker. 

Which leads the thing the last, the hedges.  Who knew that it only takes two years for them to get so wide that I can't read the middle with what's basically a four-foot pole that eats branches?  

And thus ends the post of things I didn't really want to know.
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Spanokopita, pint of cherry tomatoes, donut peaches, red raspberries, blueberries, early apples, bell peppers, and onions.

I'll make red raspberry jam soon.

Also, I went to Behnke's with the Vegan Knitter and got my orchids looked at. Two are in bigger pots, one got its medium changed, and the other is doing just fine. I'll go back around February and have them checked again. I spent a good while chatting with a couple and their godson about fall vegetable gardening (including a plug for growstuff) as we all waited to be seen, so that was nice. I did successfully make a saving throw against the 40% off sale, even though that included 'ornamental' pepper plants. I did pick up some seed packets, so it looks like I'm going to try Romanseco Broccoli again. Maybe I should start the seeds now..?


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