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This German children's book on where babies come from totally cracked me up. I don't know if it's the dad's tiny but unmistakable erection, the fact that they're still casually standing around naked after the pregnancy has taken hold, or the way the baby comes popping out with a smile and extended arms, all "ta-DA!" :D

First TV show I had self-insertion fantasies about:
Remington Steele. I may only have been 11 at the time, but I recognized a hot man when I saw one. Also, Laura Holt was super cool.

First fandom in which I interacted (online and in person) with other fans:
Hmm. I started going to Comic-Con around 1994 because jackknight was a comics fan, but the first time I interacted with fans in my own fandom was probably when we went to the X-Files Expo in 1998. I was strictly a lurker in the online part of the fandom, though. The first fandom I actually participated in online was ER, via mailing list, around...1999 or so?

Pairing in the first slash fanfiction I read:
Picard/Q. Hehe.

First RPS/RPF I read:
The only RPF I ever read is the historical kind, which I don't think counts.

First fanfiction I read that made me think, YES, this is exactly the kind of fanfiction I'd like to write...
Hmm...that's a tough one. The first fanfiction I read that I absolutely loved and still remember by name was Playing Goddess by Shalimar, so maybe that?

Pairing in the first fanfiction I wrote:
Wrote and posted? Snape/McGonagall. But a lot of what I posted early on was gen.

First OTP:
Superman/Lois Lane in Superman: The Movie. I was eight or nine when it came out and begged my parents to take me to see it multiple times.

First RPS/F OTP:
Haven't got one.

First fannish friend I met in person:
[personal profile] lessthanpie and saphywaphy, both of whom I met at Comic-Con in 2003.

First character I formally roleplayed:
I've never really roleplayed.

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Me too, I think. Either that or Mulder/Krycek.


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