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Wow, LJ and DW are quiet lately. Where does fandom/everyone live these days? Is there even a central place anymore? I joined Tumblr a while ago, but it really doesn't seem suited to a ton of interaction.

TC and I watched "The Reichenbach Fall" last night and she told me that the post-Reichenbach ending of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows was better. Well, it definitely had a different mood, but that's because Jude Law's Watson was married to Mary: he was sad, but he wasn't alone the way MF's Watson was.

In looking at the two portrayals of the Holmes/Watson relationship, it seems to me that the Ritchie version is more sexual (these two men are best friends and are also attracted to each other) and the Moffat version is more romantic (these two men are best friends and are also in love with each other). Holmes and Watson in the Ritchieverse are both very physical men, with various appetites for sex and alcohol and fighting and gambling, and in the Moffatverse they're both more cerebral and emotional - Sherlock might like to think he's immune to the tyranny of feelings, but by the end of S2 it's clear he isn't. Ritchieverse Holmes and Watson are totally capable of having a sexual relationship and compartmentalizing it from other things in their lives (e.g. Watson's marriage) and Moffatverse Holmes and Watson are so intertwined that it would barely make a difference whether they had sex or not.

In other news, I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't go back to sleep, so to pass the time I watched the first episode of Awake, which for some reason NBC is offering here even though it doesn't air until Thursday night. Jason Isaacs' character is a police detective who was involved in a car accident with his family, and ever since he's been switching between two realities: one where his wife was killed, and one where she lived and their teenage son died. He's made the mistake of telling other people about these two realities, and now he's being forced to see a therapist in both of them - in one it's a kind, gentle female therapist who's trying to help him explore why this is happening, and in the other it's a tougher therapist, played by B.D. Wong, who wants to disabuse him of what appear to be his crazy illusions. At the same time, he discovers that the cases he's working in both realities have parallels that are too weird to be coincidental. Interestingly, this is very close to the same premise as this Sherlock story I loved, with the protagonist switching back and forth between alternate realities every time he goes to sleep - even down to the detail of having a physical object to keep track of which reality is which (in the Sherlock story, John wears different watches; here it's different colored elastic bands round the wrist).

It was quite interesting, and of course Jason Isaacs is always good, not to mention the fact that he has prettier blue eyes than anyone should be allowed to have. I did keep getting distracted because not only was he (mostly successfully) doing an American accent, but also a very rough, gravelly "cop voice" that sounded as if it should be coming out of someone else's body. I'm sure I'd get used to it if I kept watching, though.

Date: 2012-02-29 05:51 pm (UTC)
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I have been unsuccessful in figuring out where everyone went. I got a DW, which didn't make much difference, and I got a Tumblr, which as you say is somewhat short on interaction (albeit high traffic in the Sherlock circles I follow). There's definitely a lot of action in the anon memes (the kink one for Sherlock, and the general failfandomanon one), but I don't find those places easy to keep up with. I do think that people who are in any of the Marvel fandoms are seeing a little more posting and discussion, but in general, the fact that the biggest current fandoms are movie fandoms I think has curtailed the daily discussion.

It's very frustrating to me. I can't bring myself to think that the LJ/DW model for fandom is worn out already, but in my thirteen years online I've gone from usenets to mailing lists to journal sites, and it's true that fandom has been here longer than anything (ten years!) I know there's a life cycle to everything, but it seems stupid to me to think of fandom moving on for no particular reason, especially when the new options (Tumblr, Twitter) are sooo much worse for discussion and centralization.


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