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TC and I had a very busy Friday evening of television-watching: first the second episode of Awake, and then SEVEN episodes of Doctor Who. It was fun, but my eyes still feel glazed. 0_0

I can see why Britten's character has to wear wristbands to keep track of his realities, because it isn't easy to do. I always know which reality we're in because they're deliberately presented in two different hues - the "green" reality where his son is alive is all in cool green-blue tones, and the "red" reality where his wife is alive is shot in warm red-orange - but I can never remember which work partner he's supposed to have in each reality.

Both in the first episode and this one, I strongly preferred the green reality to the red one, and I don't know if that's because I don't much care for his wife, or because I can identify personally with his life in the green reality, being the widowed parent of a teenager. The scene where they're sitting awkwardly at the table together, eating cereal for dinner, rang incredibly true for me - I remember after [profile] jackknight died, I had a terrible time eating at the table because it felt so wrong with just me and TC, so we had all our meals on the sofa in front of the television. I liked the way the cases in each reality resonated with each other (and Britten's left-field questions about height) and I enjoyed seeing Laura Innes, whom I used to love on ER back in the day. Not too sure about the conspiracy angle they're introducing, but we'll see how that plays out.

TC thought the episode was okay, which is saying a lot since police/crime drama isn't her thing at all, but she couldn't get over Jason Isaacs' American accent. I'm more or less used to it now, but she kept looking at him on the screen and saying "I just can't believe this. Lucius!" Hehe.
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