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I was motivated to watch last night's new episode of Awake as it aired, which is saying a lot considering that I hate both ads (we don't watch enough live TV to justify paying for DVR) and watching TV in the living room.

(Yes, his forearm alone has more sex appeal than some men's entire bodies.)

I said on Tumblr that I think the red world is probably the real one, and I do, for several reasons. Not only does it feel more real - the green world feels like having a dream about being trapped in an aquarium - but it's where all the unpleasant realities exist. His wife is moving past their son's death more or less without him, he has a new partner whom he dislikes and who's been assigned to snitch on him, his therapist keeps telling him he's crazy and needs to suck it up and accept reality, and his boss is apparently involved in a conspiracy that led to his car crash. In contrast, the green world is where he goes to escape, to solve cases using clues from the red world (dreams are supposed to be where your subconscious works through things that are going on in your waking life), and to deal with his lingering guilt and repair his relationship with his son.

As far as last night's episode in particular, I thought it was a cool idea that he could deliberately go to the red world for information by putting himself to sleep. And if the red world is the real world, then waking yourself from a dream world by taking sleeping pills is a very apt reversal. I like it.