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Welllll I have accomplished next to nothing in my 11 days off work. I had lists of errands, things to get done around the house, etc. etc., and I only did one or two of them. What I did manage to do: finish the run of It's a Wonderful Life, (barely) keep up with the daily tidying, and watch about 100 episodes of Supernatural with TC. Not even kidding about that last one: we started at S1E1 and now we're somewhere in the first half of S5.

The other thing I did was get sucked into Mozart L'Opera Rock. It is just so so so crazy and over the top, with its writhing dancers and its costumes that are a mashup of goth, glittery drag and actual 18th-century apparel. Apparently when it first opened in 2009, they did music videos for some of the songs, and TC and I have been watching them and giggling hysterically for the last few days. For example:

Mozart L'Opera Rock - Tatoue Moi - Clip Officiel from Mozart L'Opéra Rock on Vimeo.

In which Salieri is alternately brooding and cheerful, an apparently time-traveling costumed Mozart wanders the streets of modern-day Paris singing and kissing random ladies, and then everyone lounges around a magnificent house being decadent and eating dinner.

Mozart l'Opera Rock - Vivre A En Crever from Greg on Vimeo.

In which heavily made-up Mozart and equally heavily made-up, un-bearded Salieri (who here resembles an 80s-vintage Robert Smith) sing passionately to each other in front of neon lights while looking as if they're about to kiss, while nearly naked dancers and other members of the cast cavort nearby. (This one is like a slasher's wet dream.)

[Mozart L'Opera Rock] Florent Mothe - L'Assasymphonie (MV) from purplesmint on Vimeo.

In which Salieri creeps from the window of a ch√Ęteau while Mozart and Constanze make out under the trees in an idyllic park below, a white-wigged Leopold Mozart jams on electric guitar, goth pirates and ballerinas twirl, and Mozart does a crazy slashing dance with his music-writing quill.

Seriously, you just can't look away. At least I can't. The musical itself is more conventionally staged (for example, 'Tatoue Moi' looks like this) but still quite eye-catching. I hear the rights have been brought up and it's coming to Broadway sometime in 2014, and I would actually consider making a trip to see it. Though at this point I can't imagine anyone but Mikelangelo Loconte being enough of a prancing diva rockstar to play Mozart this way. (The real Mozart could be a bit of a diva rockstar when he felt like it - and also a massive flirt with the ladies - so it's not an entirely inaccurate portrayal.)

And now I have to start preparing to go back to work tomorrow. TC is still on vacation until Monday, the lucky thing. Wah.