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Once again it's felt like an unproductive weekend, even though I got shit done: cleaned the kitchen; washed, folded and put away a mountain of laundry; filled out some insurance paperwork; got a packet of mail ready to forward to Auntie E; took TC to buy shoes; and put oil in my car. I can't seem to strike the right weekend balance because if I go out and do fun stuff, I feel like I didn't get enough time to just be lazy at home, and if I'm lazy at home, I feel like I missed the opportunity to do fun stuff. This would be easily solved if all weekends had three days: one for chores, one for fun stuff and one for laziness. Someone notify the proper authorities about this.

TC had an Elementary marathon today, re-watching the whole series to this point in order from the beginning. She asked me which is my favorite Sherlock - this one, BBC Sherlock or the Sherlock from the Guy Ritchie films - and we agreed that they're so different you can't really choose. However, I think that even though Elementary feels the least like the Sherlock Holmes universe, the way Jonny Lee Miller is playing him is actually closer to the original ACD canon Holmes than the other two. Canon Holmes comes across as arrogant (and is arrogant) because he knows he's cleverer than anyone else around him, but he's not an asshole; his cases may be purely intellectual exercises, but the people involved in them are real people to him, and he cares what happens to them, even if he doesn't always express it in the most sensitive ways. Elementary-Sherlock has this tempering of humanity where BBC Sherlock doesn't, and he has more control over himself and his physical impulses than film-Sherlock, who would come out of rehab, go directly to the nearest den of iniquity and roll around in it. Anyway, that's all I've got to say about that. :-P

And now for the Loconte of the Day:

Okay, off to bed now so I can be rested for another week at the salt mines. My boss has been emailing all weekend with things for me to do on Monday, and it's been almost more stressful to know they're waiting for me than if I'd just done them when I got them. But letting work encroach on home is a very slippery slope that I'm not prepared to start down. Ugh.
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Being lazy is important. We always try to make time for a lazy day once in a while. (It's actually [personal profile] hannelore who usually has to remind me of this; I do tend to get worried about Not Doing Enough.)