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2013-02-24 12:31 pm

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Watching random videos from French musicals with TC...

Me: Oh wow, that guy who's locked in the Bastille is super handsome.
TC: You're not wrong about that.
Me: And so is that other guy.
TC: And that one there.
Me: ... Do we need to move to France?
TC: Pretty much.
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2013-02-20 07:46 pm

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Benedict Cumberbatch randomly popped up in a dream I had last night. I was in a crowd of people, outdoors after dark, and when we passed each other, he did a double-take and said my name as if he knew me and were pleasantly surprised to see me. I mostly feel neutral about him - I like him in Sherlock, but I've had no impulse to watch his entire body of work (although I did see the NT Live cinema broadcast of Frankenstein, with him as the creature and Jonny Lee Miller as the doctor), so I don't know what he was doing in my dreams. Maybe we were friends in a past life and now we can only communicate in our sleep, and somewhere he was having the same dream at the same time.

In other news, this is a horrible, terrible, no good, very bad week at work, continuing the horrible, terrible, no good, very bad theme that started in October and has only got worse since the beginning of the year. I spent all of today just wanting to go home, eat the rest of the delicious olive tapenade I had with dinner last night, and then mindlessly watch hours of YouTube videos.

Speaking of which, here's some Loconte of the Day:

This is yet another video in which I have no idea WTF he's doing, but I'm fascinated anyway. How can you not love the diva pose around 2:00, or the crazy dancing between about 5:25 and 5:45, or the rockstar knee-slide at 7:10? Meanwhile, there's good old Florent Mothe off to the side, rocking hard and seriously while his friend goes cavorting all over the stage, which is pretty much the way they always behave together.

Oh, except when they hold hands and sing to each other )

Their bromance is epic.
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2013-02-10 11:16 pm

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Once again it's felt like an unproductive weekend, even though I got shit done: cleaned the kitchen; washed, folded and put away a mountain of laundry; filled out some insurance paperwork; got a packet of mail ready to forward to Auntie E; took TC to buy shoes; and put oil in my car. I can't seem to strike the right weekend balance because if I go out and do fun stuff, I feel like I didn't get enough time to just be lazy at home, and if I'm lazy at home, I feel like I missed the opportunity to do fun stuff. This would be easily solved if all weekends had three days: one for chores, one for fun stuff and one for laziness. Someone notify the proper authorities about this.

TC had an Elementary marathon today, re-watching the whole series to this point in order from the beginning. She asked me which is my favorite Sherlock - this one, BBC Sherlock or the Sherlock from the Guy Ritchie films - and we agreed that they're so different you can't really choose. However, I think that even though Elementary feels the least like the Sherlock Holmes universe, the way Jonny Lee Miller is playing him is actually closer to the original ACD canon Holmes than the other two. Canon Holmes comes across as arrogant (and is arrogant) because he knows he's cleverer than anyone else around him, but he's not an asshole; his cases may be purely intellectual exercises, but the people involved in them are real people to him, and he cares what happens to them, even if he doesn't always express it in the most sensitive ways. Elementary-Sherlock has this tempering of humanity where BBC Sherlock doesn't, and he has more control over himself and his physical impulses than film-Sherlock, who would come out of rehab, go directly to the nearest den of iniquity and roll around in it. Anyway, that's all I've got to say about that. :-P

And now for the Loconte of the Day:

No one should be allowed to be this adorable )

But somehow he keeps getting away with it )

Okay, off to bed now so I can be rested for another week at the salt mines. My boss has been emailing all weekend with things for me to do on Monday, and it's been almost more stressful to know they're waiting for me than if I'd just done them when I got them. But letting work encroach on home is a very slippery slope that I'm not prepared to start down. Ugh.
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2013-01-06 03:06 pm

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Pretty Mozart/Salieri fanart (PG-13ish)

(Mozart-the-man was pretty much a Kinsey 0 as far as I can tell - by his early teens, he was writing to his sister while on tour and asking her to pay his compliments to girls he was interested in at home - but Mozart-the-rockstar has lots of slash potential. I'm on board with that.)
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2013-01-04 01:45 pm

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I finally slept properly last night after days of insomnia. It felt awesome, but ended on an unlovely note when I woke up with a nosebleed - it was the mostly contained kind where you think you've just got a runny nose until you blow it and there's GORE, but still. I had a feeling I was leaving the central heat on too much (we don't have a programmable thermostat, so it's either on or it's off) because the cats have been emptying their water bowl three times a day, and now I know. Ugh.

On another note, here's a question that occurs to me every time I do [community profile] yuletide - why is historical RPF classified as fanfic when it's really original historical fiction? Just to take my current obsession as an example, if I wrote a story with Mozart as the protagonist (incidentally, something TC wants me to do as she's kind of on the Mozart bandwagon now too, and has discovered there's a big gap in the market), it would be an original work, just like Wolf Hall or Girl With a Pearl Earring or any similar book you can name, and I could freely shop it around to any publisher I liked. If I wrote a story about Tamino and Pamina from The Magic Flute, that would be fanfic because it's based on characters by Mozart's librettist Emanuel Schikaneder - who, FWIW, cheerfully borrowed a lot of the libretto from a previous production, which itself was a re-adaption of someone else's work, so it would be triple-distilled fanfic. I guess you can say that historical RPF is based on pre-existing characters - at this point I know as much about Mozart-the-man's personality as can be known without actually meeting him, so it's not as if I'd be making him up completely out of my head - but it just seems different to me.

And as long as I'm talking about Mozart (and when am I not these days), I'll torture you all with another video of Pouty Diva Mozart at some unnamed gig. The original version of this song is cheeeeeeeeesy, but here it suddenly becomes all soulful and hot. I love the leaves and vines (?) painted around his eye...not sure about that random lock of hair straggling down for no reason, though, haha.

All the videos I've been watching in French over the last week or two have really put my shaky French skillz to the test. I can read French relatively well - I'm not going to be tackling Voltaire anytime soon, but subtitles, YouTube comments, web sites, etc. are no problem - but when people are actually speaking I understand almost nothing except the odd word or phrase that jumps out of the torrent at me. The exception is Monsieur Loconte up there, whom I can understand about half the time since he's not a native French speaker and therefore talks a lot more slowly, and I assume also with a less complex vocabulary. I've always wished I had stuck with French longer, since I found it a lot easier than Spanish (I had three years of Spanish and two years of French), but at my age I doubt I'm likely ever to be fluent in any language other than my own, unless maybe I laid down some pathways in my youth that I can reactivate. Who knows?
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2013-01-02 07:01 pm

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Damn vacation, throwing my sleep schedule all off kilter. I was awake until 3:30 this morning and had to get up at 7 to get ready for work. Le zombie, c'est moi.

Since I was awake anyway, I passed the time watching videos of pouty diva Mozart performing cover songs with a rock band. They all seemed to have been recorded at the same gig and were kind of hilarious because in each one, he seemed to get progressively more drunk/exhausted/something, until during a nearly-ten-minute cover of 'With Or Without You,' he was just sort of flinging himself round the stage and occasionally coming back to whisper-sing a few words into the mic while streaks of blue-and-silver makeup ran down his face. My favorite was this version of Stevie Wonder's 'Superstition*,' where he still had it together and was bringing the sex**.

Look at those hips move, man. Half the front row just got pregnant.

*Second favorite was 'Message In A Bottle,' where it got to the 'eeeeeOHHHHHHohhhh' part and he yelled 'OKAY! You! With me!' for the audience to sing along. They kind of failed at it, but not because he didn't try.

**And occasionally the prancing.
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2013-01-01 07:11 pm

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Welllll I have accomplished next to nothing in my 11 days off work. I had lists of errands, things to get done around the house, etc. etc., and I only did one or two of them. What I did manage to do: finish the run of It's a Wonderful Life, (barely) keep up with the daily tidying, and watch about 100 episodes of Supernatural with TC. Not even kidding about that last one: we started at S1E1 and now we're somewhere in the first half of S5.

The other thing I did was get sucked into Mozart L'Opera Rock. It is just so so so crazy and over the top, with its writhing dancers and its costumes that are a mashup of goth, glittery drag and actual 18th-century apparel. Apparently when it first opened in 2009, they did music videos for some of the songs, and TC and I have been watching them and giggling hysterically for the last few days. For example:

Tatoue Moi )

In which Salieri is alternately brooding and cheerful, an apparently time-traveling costumed Mozart wanders the streets of modern-day Paris singing and kissing random ladies, and then everyone lounges around a magnificent house being decadent and eating dinner.

Vivre à en Crever )

In which heavily made-up Mozart and equally heavily made-up, un-bearded Salieri (who here resembles an 80s-vintage Robert Smith) sing passionately to each other in front of neon lights while looking as if they're about to kiss, while nearly naked dancers and other members of the cast cavort nearby. (This one is like a slasher's wet dream.)

L'Assasymphonie )

In which Salieri creeps from the window of a château while Mozart and Constanze make out under the trees in an idyllic park below, a white-wigged Leopold Mozart jams on electric guitar, goth pirates and ballerinas twirl, and Mozart does a crazy slashing dance with his music-writing quill.

Seriously, you just can't look away. At least I can't. The musical itself is more conventionally staged (for example, 'Tatoue Moi' looks like this) but still quite eye-catching. I hear the rights have been brought up and it's coming to Broadway sometime in 2014, and I would actually consider making a trip to see it. Though at this point I can't imagine anyone but Mikelangelo Loconte being enough of a prancing diva rockstar to play Mozart this way. (The real Mozart could be a bit of a diva rockstar when he felt like it - and also a massive flirt with the ladies - so it's not an entirely inaccurate portrayal.)

And now I have to start preparing to go back to work tomorrow. TC is still on vacation until Monday, the lucky thing. Wah.
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2013-01-01 02:39 pm

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Here's what I wrote for [community profile] yuletide this year, my ninth (!) doing the challenge:

Title: And I'm The Obstacle You Never Expected
Fandom: Allstate Insurance "Mayhem" Commercials
Words: 2,003
Rating: PG
Summary: "He looked like a washed-up actor who had mugged an accountant on his way to the local bar." Mayhem meets his match...or does he?

This was a fun story to write and I'm pleased with the way it turned out. Plus, it introduced me to the Mayhem commercials (since we switched to Netflix-only viewing, I never see ads), which are really clever and which you can view here. Good times!

(Also, a thanks by name to Tamarind, who wrote both my main story and my treat. I really loved them! <3)
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2012-05-04 10:17 pm

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The Avengers had a lot of great moments, but this was the best one:

Spoiler )

The entire theater burst into laughter and applause!
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2012-04-21 10:57 pm

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I'm having the worst time getting into The Eyre Affair. The premise is great and it's fun to play "spot the literary reference," (my favorite character name is "Millon de Floss," hehe) but the storytelling itself is painful, with big chunks of awkward exposition dropped in to take care of that pesky world-building. I'm about a third of the way through, and I already think I'm going to lose it if Thursday Next mulls over her own history in past perfect tense one more time. I've seen Fforde compared to Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams, both of whom I've read and loved for years, and so far I'm just not feeling it. But I will press on.
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2012-03-16 08:45 am

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I was motivated to watch last night's new episode of Awake as it aired, which is saying a lot considering that I hate both ads (we don't watch enough live TV to justify paying for DVR) and watching TV in the living room.

Thoughts )
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2012-03-10 09:18 am
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TC and I had a very busy Friday evening of television-watching: first the second episode of Awake, and then SEVEN episodes of Doctor Who. It was fun, but my eyes still feel glazed. 0_0

A few thoughts on Awake )

TC thought the episode was okay, which is saying a lot since police/crime drama isn't her thing at all, but she couldn't get over Jason Isaacs' American accent. I'm more or less used to it now, but she kept looking at him on the screen and saying "I just can't believe this. Lucius!" Hehe.
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2012-02-29 08:33 am

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Wow, LJ and DW are quiet lately. Where does fandom/everyone live these days? Is there even a central place anymore? I joined Tumblr a while ago, but it really doesn't seem suited to a ton of interaction.

TC and I watched "The Reichenbach Fall" last night and she told me that the post-Reichenbach ending of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows was better. Well, it definitely had a different mood, but that's because Jude Law's Watson was married to Mary: he was sad, but he wasn't alone the way MF's Watson was.

In looking at the two portrayals of the Holmes/Watson relationship, it seems to me that the Ritchie version is more sexual (these two men are best friends and are also attracted to each other) and the Moffat version is more romantic (these two men are best friends and are also in love with each other). Holmes and Watson in the Ritchieverse are both very physical men, with various appetites for sex and alcohol and fighting and gambling, and in the Moffatverse they're both more cerebral and emotional - Sherlock might like to think he's immune to the tyranny of feelings, but by the end of S2 it's clear he isn't. Ritchieverse Holmes and Watson are totally capable of having a sexual relationship and compartmentalizing it from other things in their lives (e.g. Watson's marriage) and Moffatverse Holmes and Watson are so intertwined that it would barely make a difference whether they had sex or not.

In other news, I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't go back to sleep, so to pass the time I watched the first episode of Awake, which for some reason NBC is offering here even though it doesn't air until Thursday night. Jason Isaacs' character is a police detective who was involved in a car accident with his family, and ever since he's been switching between two realities: one where his wife was killed, and one where she lived and their teenage son died. He's made the mistake of telling other people about these two realities, and now he's being forced to see a therapist in both of them - in one it's a kind, gentle female therapist who's trying to help him explore why this is happening, and in the other it's a tougher therapist, played by B.D. Wong, who wants to disabuse him of what appear to be his crazy illusions. At the same time, he discovers that the cases he's working in both realities have parallels that are too weird to be coincidental. Interestingly, this is very close to the same premise as this Sherlock story I loved, with the protagonist switching back and forth between alternate realities every time he goes to sleep - even down to the detail of having a physical object to keep track of which reality is which (in the Sherlock story, John wears different watches; here it's different colored elastic bands round the wrist).

It was quite interesting, and of course Jason Isaacs is always good, not to mention the fact that he has prettier blue eyes than anyone should be allowed to have. I did keep getting distracted because not only was he (mostly successfully) doing an American accent, but also a very rough, gravelly "cop voice" that sounded as if it should be coming out of someone else's body. I'm sure I'd get used to it if I kept watching, though.
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2012-02-25 09:45 am

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This German children's book on where babies come from totally cracked me up. I don't know if it's the dad's tiny but unmistakable erection, the fact that they're still casually standing around naked after the pregnancy has taken hold, or the way the baby comes popping out with a smile and extended arms, all "ta-DA!" :D

Also, that meme about fandom )
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2012-02-17 12:19 am

Self-expression through screencaps

Here's a picture that nicely sums up my feelings about work right now:

Every time I think it can't possibly become a bigger hairball of fuckery and nonsense than it already is, something proves me wrong. Gah.

I'd be ecstatic that tomorrow is Friday, but TC and I are being forced to run a Girl Scout cookie booth by ourselves from 6-9 on Saturday night, and we're both full of anticipatory dread about that. I hope all the people coming to the supermarket to buy their Saturday-night booze are also hungry for cookies. (I've always thought that the absolute best way to sell GS cookies would be to load up a wagon with them and visit either a college dorm around midnight, or a bar at closing time, but I'm also pretty sure the Girl Scout council would frown upon that.) Oh well, at least it's the only booth sale we're signed up for, so when we're done, we're done.
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2012-02-14 08:28 am
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Sherlock recs

I slept so badly that I'm practically hallucinating with fatigue, and to add to the fun, I also started my period this morning. I really need for everyone here in the office just to stay far, far away from me, but will they? Probably not.

All this is to say that I'm kind of useless today. But I do have a couple recs of Sherlock stories I really enjoyed over the weekend:

Rags and Bones by emungere - Sherlock just wants to hold John's hand. Since he's Sherlock, the fact that it's no longer attached to John's body doesn't stop him. This is fantastically creepy and disturbing, and yet full of tenderness and love at the same time; Sherlock's way of grieving over (what he thinks is) John's death feels perfect for him, and he's just barely sane enough to recognize that other people will think his behavior is crazy.

Action Man by thesardine - Mycroft's POV (both as a child and as an adult), showing quite poignantly what it would be like to grow up with a sibling as different, and as difficult, as Sherlock. Really captures that brotherly love/hate dynamic between them, and also does a good job of depicting the way a very young child speaks, which is uncommon.

Vinegar Valentine by runic-binary - Moriarty sends Sherlock a Valentine's Day gift. It's as horrible and disgusting as you would expect a Valentine from Moriarty to be, and Sherlock enjoys it way more than he should. I love the bit about Sherlock running tests on the package before he opens it, and also his comparison of the red velvet wrapping to "arterial spray and phenolsulfonphthalein." Oh, Sherlock.
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2012-02-13 10:02 am


A very nice user called hell_butterfly contacted me a few weeks ago to ask if she could translate Memento into Chinese. I said yes, and here it is. Very cool!
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2012-02-13 01:36 am

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Okay, someone NEEDS to make a Reichenbach-themed Sherlock video set to this song.

Sufjan Stevens - To Be Alone With You )

Lyrics )

I'd do it myself if I could, but sadly my video-making skillz are less than nonexistent!
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2012-02-05 04:40 pm

The Woman in Black

I did end up going to see The Woman in Black this afternoon. I lobbied hard for TC to come with me (even offered to see something else just so we could have a nice time together) but she was all "ugh, don't wanna." So I said "fine, be a poop and stay home then" and went by myself.

spoilers )

So, overall, a solid ghost story, not without its flaws, but 90 minutes worth of good, spooky entertainment, and a respectable first-post-HP outing for Daniel.
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2012-02-01 09:31 pm

Mmm chili

I was fantasizing about this pseudo-chili all day at work today (yes, I know that's strange) so when I got home I made it for dinner. I found the recipe on someone's blog a year or two ago, and while it may not be the healthiest thing--in fact I know it's not--it's really delicious and only takes about 20 minutes to make.

Here's how )

Om nom slurrrrp drool. And TC doesn't like any kind of chili and had leftover pasta instead, so it's ALL for me.