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I don't usually dream very much because I don't sleep very much. When I do get a full night's sleep, I seem to dream more, and more vividly, to make up for it.

So I just woke up from a dream that combined a lot of weird bits from my life. It started out with me going over to a co-worker's apartment because we were supposed to carpool together to an all-day review session for an exam. Co-worker A is habitually and notoriously late for everything, so I wasn't surprised to find her half-dressed and rushing around when I got there. I was surprised to see that she'd apparently had a baby, as she's single and not dating anyone that I know of. I held the baby -- a little boy about three months old -- and walked him around the apartment while she got ready. It was one of those multi-level places, and it had some odd architectural features, like a sheer unprotected drop from the second level to the first level, over which I could look and see the review session where A and I were supposed to be. The doorbell rang, and A's entire extended family swarmed in to visit and hold the baby, so I decided I would start studying now.

I picked up my textbook, and it turned out to be an advance copy of HBP. It was printed and bound (perfectbound, not hardcover), but it wasn't quite finished -- there were parts where the transitions hadn't been smoothed out, or where a sentence ended with a few words in JKR's personal shorthand, or her notes to the editor. I started reading this, and suddenly the dream was also an HP dream with Harry and Hermione, who were dressed in Muggle clothes and also preparing to go to this exam review session. Unfortunately, we couldn't leave, because we all had to fight the Wicked Witch of the West. She came flying in, cackling, in a strange form: human, but two inches tall with shiny black wings like a beetle. We trapped her under a glass and put my copy of HBP on it, but she got out when we weren't looking, grew to full size, and came after us. None of us had wands, so we did the sensible thing and ran away ... to my office building.

At this point, a lot of people I know from work came into the dream, including a woman who was still pregnant (and, for some reason, mute) even though she had her baby a few months ago in RL, and my beloved former boss, whom I haven't seen in more than a year. The Witch was coming after us, so we scattered; she cornered me, but I held her off by flicking droplets of water at her until I could escape and rejoin the others. I said to T, my old boss, "I've got to go and buy a replacement wand," and she said "All right, we'll go." So I said "See, we're changing something already. We didn't do that last time," and she said "That doesn't usually work, but we can try." And I realized that we had, in fact, lived through all this once before, but with a bad outcome.

So Harry, Hermione, T, several other people and I went creeping through the aisles of cubes, and sometimes squeezing through where they'd been placed too close together. Along the way, I found TC's plastic recorder lying on a table, and discovered that if I played a blast of music on it and then pointed it like a wand, I could do some spells, though not very well. (I tried it out by yelling "Accio!" at a folded piece of paper, but it levitated instead of coming to me.)

It's all a jumble after that, but I know that at one point, JKR was killed, and I said, "Oh, no; how's she going to write the seventh book now?" And I vaguely remember Nancy McKeon being in there somewhere.

By the way, the copy of HBP I read in the dream wasn't very good, but then it also wasn't finished.

Two weeks to go.


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