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TC found this last night and showed it to me, and I laughed until I nearly peed myself. I will never hear that song again without thinking of it. OMFG, Voldemort's expression! And Bellatrix!

In other news, I'm continuing my viewing of Waking the Dead and have just finished the fifth series. I thought that one had some excellent stories, but I still prefer the team dynamic of the first four series. (And it makes me grumpy that just as I got used to the "new" pathologist and started to like her, they're about to foist yet another one on me. Blah.) We'll see how I feel after I get into series six. Don't get me wrong, I'm really enjoying it overall or I wouldn't be devoting this much time to it - maybe the changes just have more impact because I'm going straight through it instead of waiting a year between series.

Also, this is a show that was made for a drinking game. Every time Boyd yells "SPENCE!" as a suspect flees on foot - drink! Every time someone rolls his or her eyes behind Boyd's back - drink! Every time Grace says Boyd's name reprovingly - drink! Every time a new piece of evidence goes up on the big glass board - drink! You'd be wasted by the end of one episode.
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Okay, this made me laugh hard. I warn you now, it's dirty.

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"Carrying two suspicious looking bags" was what really cracked me up. I don't know about that second no. 5, though. It's been a while (a looooooong while...sob) but I recall that it often reports unannounced for duty when it's not even on the schedule. Haha.


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