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A new iPod to replace the one I got for Christmas 2005 (!)

A copy of Snuff

The Sherlock series 1 boxset

A steampunk ring

A really nice lined journal/notebook that is spiral-bound and lies open flat.

That's about it.
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Well, uncreative as it is, I have to say I'd go around trying out my boy parts. Who wouldn't? Hopefully I'd have a really hot male body so I could secure a person of each gender to try them out with (hey, might as well have the full experience), and also a relatively youthful body so I'd have the energy to do it more than once. Then I'd probably go find a snowbank to write my name in, if you know what I mean. :D

That said, I would never want to be a man permanently. I like being a woman, even if I don't always fit in very well with other women!
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I'd make myself an extravert. After half a lifetime, I'm comfortable with my introvertedness and don't yearn to be different, but from a practical standpoint I recognize that people who are outgoing, social, blah blah, tend to get more opportunities and generally have an easier time in life. Plus, they don't have to constantly explain themselves and their personalities--I constantly get labeled as shy, which I'm not, and if I had a penny for every time someone's asked me "what's wrong?!" when I'm just sitting and thinking my own thoughts, I'd be a wealthy woman.

Of course, extraverts have their own set of challenges; I know several who absolutely cannot bear to be alone and will start frantically calling people, looking for company, every time their partners travel on business or they find themselves alone in the house for more than a couple of hours. Maybe I'd just move myself closer to the middle of the introvert/extravert spectrum and not all the way to the other side, after all.
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No question there: I would tell myself not to get into debt. The debt I accumulated during a few years in my late twenties has been a monkey on my back ever since, and very likely will force me to keep working until I die or become disabled by old age, whichever comes first. What gets me most is that people assume if you owe a lot of money, you must have been blowing it on big houses and designer shoes and jet skis, but really it was just a lot of small, everyday things -- food and medicine and phone bills and laundry soap -- that added up until the interest took on a life of its own. If I'd known then what I know now, I would never have let it get that far.


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